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Schlagerfestival | DPG Media

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our latest project – a fun, heartwarming campaign video for the Schlagerfestival with DPG Media België

This project has been a journey filled with challenges, creativity, and the kind of teamwork that makes dreams come true.  Getting all the stakeholders on board, from idea generation to production coordination, and ensuring everything was ready within just three weeks was no small feat.

But, here we are, ready to spread a wave of joy and inspiration across the country. This campaign video is more than just a project; it's a call to action!

Let's embrace the hippy spirit, dress up in our grooviest outfits, and come together to celebrate life, music, and the joy of being ourselves. Let's make this year's Schlagerfestival an unforgettable experience!

Team Hooked: Céline Van Aerde Matthee Van Holderbeke & me
LED-Studio: Studio Regie Olav Verhoeven Ellen Cosyn
Make-up: Evara Collin
Styling: Gaëlle Baekelandt
Sound: Thomas Lambrechts
Animation: Wout Thielemans
Klankman: Bruce Stevens

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