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Inge Blockmans

This project has officially become our most fulfilling and emotionally rewarding film I have ever worked on. Visualising the courage of amazing dancer/coach Inge Blockmans.

"I am 6 years old. It is playtime. Ii am climbing towards the top of the pyramid, flickering in the sun. I carefully yet confidently position my hands around the bars. My friends and I have joined forces on this adventure that feels like coming home. They make sure my legs follow. This is flow. I enjoy the smoothness of climbing. I feel light. I feel grounded even though I am hanging meters above the playground. I am free to choose where to go. Not a single step is compromising my options. And then suddenly: 'Inge, what are you doing? Get off there! No stay there! Don't move! The teacher screaming. Out of nowhere. The message is clear: I am not supposed to be that high. It is dangerous. My heart beating, the rest of my body blocked. In her anxiety the teacher drew boundaries.

Boundaries grow in the shadows, in our fear of how powerful we can be and become. In the empty warehouse I connect with the tiny me, with her longing to reach her dream, with her inner trust, with the paralyzing voice. I move through it. Gentle, rough, whatever it takes. I break free. I become me" - Inge Blockmans

I really hope people like Inge can inspire others to not let setbacks get you down. But to keep fighting to get back up again.

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